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If you are looking for a perspective cryptocurrency pay attention at GameCredits and MobileGo!
The fundamental characteristic of these tokens is a possibility to use them for the in-game payments.
It occurs to be very convenient both for gamers and game developers.


GameCredits is opening the universal monetization platform that provides easy, fast and safe transactions.

Using this crypto one can:

  • order top gaming programs and their addons;
  • buy in-game content;
  • take part in eSports competitions (or even organize them oneself).

The advantages of GameCredits (sometimes it’s simply called GAME) are obvious:

Easy using and availability If you have a desire to become the owner of these coins and use them, there won’t be any difficulties with it.
High speed Each transaction takes no more than 1,5 min.
Absence of problems Nothing prevents you from making a transaction – it’s always unproblematic.

Nearly 3 years passed since the development of GameCredits and the crypto has proved its value.
Due to reliability and the constant increasing of price this token is considered to be very promising.
No wonder it’s in a demand at many stock exchanges. Traders use it for earning pretty money.


The other cryptocurrency, popular in the mobile gaming, is MGO tokens that was developed by the MobileGO platform.
It’s especially important for those who is:

  • fond of multiplayer games;
  • engaged in eSports.

Today there is a great demand on this crypto which can be explained by its usability and indispensability.
It’s difficult to name any other currency that would be successfully used in in-game payments except MGO (and GAME).

What’s the difference?

MGO may be considered as utility token pegged to the MobileGO platform. It’s primarily forwarded to development of eSports.

Over 200 mln gamers now can pay for their favorite games and services with MGO tokens. MGO coin is the first altcoin that was added to the Xsolla billing platform. It means that except Bitcoin crypto-enthusiasts and gamers will be able to pay only with this altcoin. Surely, such achievement will definitely be very good for the development and growing of MobileGO’s Esport platform and MGO coin.

Due to this project there is a chance to organize decentralized tournaments for any game registered in GameCredits Mobile store and over 500 game titles collaborating with the MobileGO platform. And any player, despite of its qualification, may try his hand in these competitions.

MGO token is a currency that is indispensable in payments between players, publishers and developers.

MGO tokens are great for:

  • Gamers – a reliable and safe payment method;
  • Publishers — it is a convenient, reliable way to withdraw money really fast (maximum within 60 hrs);
  • Esportsmen — can arrange their own esport tournaments and get/pay prizes in MGO tokens;
  • Investors – a reliable and prospective altcoin;

Crowdsale of both tokens is an excellent possibility to succeed for anyone who is interested in games and altcoins.

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